Johnathan Singer live at his VJ consoles


When I realized my heart was no longer in static media I began experimenting with the fascinating fluidity of light—how it related to music, how they flowed together into a visual language my computer could speak and then I could project. I realized the correlation between an open heart to the divine and the alchemical combination of light and color. There are no limitations with an imagination.


The entrepreneurial spirit drove Johnathan Singer from an early age. By 24, he’d begun a career in publishing a socially conscious lifestyle magazine in Southern California called “West Side Life.” This exposed him to a wide range of artists, musicians, presenters and live performance personnel.

Moved to become an artist in his own right, Singer began performing real-time multimedia light shows for the musicians he’d met while publishing the magazine. Pushing the boundaries of technology, his performances lead to a new art form incorporating computer-generated images, texture maps, custom 3D animations and special effects to inspire his audiences visual and auditory experience. Now an innovative Video Performance Artist, Singer has grown his own business performing around the world, mixing and integrating live visionary art with video to live music.

Along with creating content for world renowned Lighting Designers and VJs, Johnathan is designing and producing DVDs for music producers, musicians and visionary artists.